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EcoLife Nature Friendly

Environmental and Ecological Body

Ecolife Nature Friendly, is an independent organization that checks whether the extraction of natural raw minerals meets the highest environmental and ecological requirements. 

Natural ingredients harvested according to the standard of EcoLife Nature Friendly .

EcoLife Nature Friendly is a new quality mark. Our quality demands are very high and our products may only consist of biological, organic or 100% natural minerals and/or vitamins without addition of chemical or otherwise known harmful substances*.

EcoLife Nature Friendly Raw minerals 

EcoLife Nature Friendly Cosmetics 

EcoLife Nature Friendly Vitamin & Supplements

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EcoLife Nature Friendly Goals

A product with the EcoLife Nature Friendly logo has been extracted and produced under the strictest quality requirements. 

BIO | Organic

The core mission of the EcoLife Nature  is to protect the integrity of the source. Bio products must contain at least 98% organic ingredients.


 We support small communities and companies that produce organic products and inorganic minerals in a safe and protected environment.

Global Bioavailability

Bioavailability of ingredients is crucial for the body. Organic products as well as Minerals must have a high level of bioavailability 

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EcoLife Nature Friendly is not only a quality brand but also a vision of life.

  • Origin, transport and processing of raw minerals.
  • Organic and Ecologically produced products.
  • Composition of ingredients of the total product.
  • Storage, production and packaging process.
  • Management environment.
  • Labelling and communication.
  • Inspectie, certificatie en controle.
  • Use of packaging materials (BPA free).

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We stand for our Planet and Animals

Not tested on animals

We don't believe in testing our furry friends. We adhere to the strict guidelines of Cruelty Free International.


EcoLife Nature Friendly truly controls from the source to the final product. 

Vegan Friendly

By this, we mean that we do not use animal products or ingredients derived from insects whenever possible. Because the animal industry has a huge impact on the environment: on our waterways, on our land and even on climate change.

EcoLife Nature Friendly label

Only EcoLife products are marked with the "EcoLife-Nature Friendly" logo.

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